The hall

The large hall that consists of about 108 square meters, is the epicenter of the lower part of the building. The kitchen, an office, three bathrooms, the lounge and storage room are all found on the same floor. The hall can fit up to 162 people simultaneously. The small “Orvars room” can fit 28 people. The kitchen is well equipped, as it houses a large coffee machine for 80 people, a professional grade dish washing machine, over, freezer and a fridge, dishes and cutlery for about 50 people (check the dish situation from the manager prior to the event). When the room is full (120 persons suggested maximum), it’s suggested to use a catering service for the necessary equipment.  A video projector is available for meetings and conferences. There’s a WiFi connection in the building.

Second floor

There is a privately rented apartment on the second floor, and a music room, a kitchen, a toilet and a conference room.


The rooms in pictures

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